HTx Payment Models workshop

On the 11th of June, 30 experts, mainly from HTx, its partners, and representatives from Payer organisations of CEE and ME countries took part in an online workshop on payment models. The event was part of a series of workshops organised and lead by colleagues from Syreon Research Institute and Utrecht University as part of Work Package 4.

The first part of the workshop covered an overview of the HTx H2020 project and saw presentations by experts from NICE, TLV and CZ, a Dutch healthcare insurance company, on innovative payment models from Sweden, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. During the second half, participants engaged in smaller group discussions on the feasibility of outcome-based agreements and delayed payment methods.

Participants discussed the potential barriers that payers can face when attempting to implement outcome-based agreements or delayed payment solutions. The potential solutions to overcome these barriers were discussed at the end of the workshop.