HTx Pre-workshop Transferability Webinar – transferability of HTx project results in Eastern European Countries

On December the 4th 2020, more than 70 stakeholders – regulators, payers, patient representatives – from Eastern Europe took part in a webinar organised by the Medical University of Sofia with the help of Syreon Research Institute and EURODIS. The webinar was focusing on the implementation barriers of practices guiding to the HTx project’s vision of Next generation HTA in Eastern European countries.

The first part of the webinar provided an overview of the HTx project, presented by HTx partners such as Utrecht University and ZIN, TLV, Syreon Research Institute, NICE and the University of York. The second part aimed to present the initial findings of Work package 5 (Task leader: Medical University of Sofia), regarding three main topics:  barriers of patient engagement in HTA in Eastern Europe, how to apply AI methodologies in the HTA process in Eastern Europe, and the transferability of real-world evidence (RWE) and AI predictions to Eastern European countries.

The webinar was a pre-event of a Transferability Workshop scheduled to happen later in 2021, which will aim to find potential solutions to the most important barriers identified.