The first Expert Forum of HTx, Nov 2019, Barcelona

The first Expert Forum of HTx was held in Barcelona, on the 25th of November, 2019. The meeting proved to be an excellent platform for sharing with and learning from other H2020 and IMI projects such as IMI Prefer, IMI EHDEN, IMI-GetReal H2020 HTA Impact, H2020 PECUNIA and others. On November 26 the event was followed by an HTx Steering Committee Meeting behind closed doors.

The summary of the outcomes of the event can be found in the Publications/Project results section of the HTx website.

What is the role of the Expert Forum in HTx?

The HTx consortium is actively seeking for input for the development of guidance documents throughout our partners’ network. These activities are linked through our Expert Forum that is crucial for the input of the representatives from other relevant European scientific projects and scientific societies who develop methods and/or guidance that align with the results of HTx.