HTx at ISPOR Europe 2019 Conference in Copenhagen, Nov 2019

The framework and potentials of HTx were discussed at the ISPOR Europe 2019 conference within the ISPOR IDEAS LAB in Copenhagen, November 2019. HTx was presented by Wim Goettsch, Associate Professor for HTA at Utrecht University (Utrecht, Netherlands).

You can find the abstract of the ISPOR IDEA LABS ‘New Insights to Improve Decision Making for Health Globally’ session below.


‘New Insights to Improve Decision Making for Health Globally’

ISPOR’s Ideas Lab – an intensive, interactive and free-thinking environment where a diverse group of HEOR stakeholders will discover and discuss new insights to improve decision making for health globally. Participants are encouraged to come together to explore, challenge, and co-create novel and potentially transformative approaches (“aha!” moments) to HEOR. Topics for discussion will include new thinking on “social determinants” and alternative perspective on the “O” and the “E” in HEOR, sustainability index to future proof healthcare, and next generation HTA for complex and personalized combinations of health technologies. The session is designed to fuel original views and fresh perspectives and to trigger and strengthen innovative thinking and the spirit of discovery in the HEOR community.

Topic 1: Ecosystems of health value: A value design framework

Topic 2: FutureProofing Healthcare: Improving the sustainability of healthcare systems through data

Topic 3: HTx – Next Generation Health Technology Assessment