Patient partners in HTx – visit at the University of Oulu, Sept 2019

On the 13th of September 2019, three patient representatives from Eurordis – Rare Diseases Europe visited the Data Analysis and Inference Group, conducted by Juha Röning, at the University of Oulu (Finland), a is Lead Partner in the HTx Consortium. The visit aimed at sharing academics’ and patients’ perspectives on the goals of the project and at enforcing the cooperation between the project partners for the next steps.

In Northern Scandinavia, the University of Oulu is considered the home of Artificial Intelligence, where the group led by Juha Röning, in cooperation with other similar groups in the same campus, conducts its research to explore the integration between natural and artificial systems.

Health is of course one of the application areas of this work, which can go from the creation of wearable sensors, to the modelling of real-world processes with the support of artificial intelligence and machine learning software.

That’s exactly the scope of the HTx project, where the cooperation between academics, HTA bodies and patients, is aiming to design the future methods for personalised treatments assessment and decision-making, making the best use of real-world data and patient information, supported by artificial intelligence.

The visit of a delegation of Patients Advocates from Rare Diseases Organisations feed the work of this high-level research group with the expectations of patients, connecting the piece of work done at the Oulu University with the overall goals of the projects. The discussion also provided a patient-oriented feedback about the next steps of the projects.

Eurodis delegation and Data AI group.  (from left to right: Matteo Scarabelli (Eurordis); Matti Huotari (UoO), Eija Ferreira (UoO); Pekka Siirtola (UoO); Baiba Ziemele (European Haemophilia Consortium); Russell Wheeler (LHON Society) Juha Röning (UoO); Satu Tamminen (UoO).

For more information about the involvement of patients in the HTx project, or about this specific visit, please get in contact with Matteo Scarabelli at Eurordis +33 1 56 53 13 64